Rubik’s cake dessert

That is more than a dessert, that is a work of art. That is probably the most appropriate name for the Rubik’s cube by French pastry genius Cedric Grolet.

©️ Image credit: @cedricgrolet / Instagram

Cedric Grolet is pastry chef at the hotel Le Meurice, one of the most honoured palace hotels in Paris. His desserts are not only delicious but they are also incredibly eye-catching and mouthwatering. Rubik’s cube cake is a perfect example to back up these words.

The Rubik’s cube dessert is composed of 27 separate lacquered pieces. What is more, these small cubes provide variety of tasties such as cherry and tarragon, apricot and rosemary, chocolate and peanuts, strawberries and rucola, lemon and mint etc.

Every year the texture of this stunning dessert becomes even more refined and the range of flavors even more diverse.



Paris as a source of inspiration. Find your insight in Paris.

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