How many bridges are there in Paris?

Once seen from a bird’s eye view or while you take a stroll around the city you can’t help but wonder how many bridges are there in Paris? At first sight it seems there is an infinite variety. Each of them is unique. One can even trace the history of France by means of the bridges .

There are 37 bridges in Paris today. As it happens the oldest among them is called the New Bridge (Pont Neuf). The construction was finished in 1607 and they called the bridge new in order to distinguish it from the already existing ones. Whereas the newest and the most unconventional bridge is the footbridge Simone-de-Beauvoir (the Passerelle Simone-de-Beauvoir) inaugurated only in 2006.

Pont Alexandre III / Photo: @tatiana_liccia Instagram

Certainly we can’t but mention here the most romantic and magical bridge of the French capital. Yes-yes, miracles do happen on the Alexandre III Bridge (Pont Alexandre III): here they make proposals and movies. Besides the bridge offers a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower.

By the way, the bridges did not always exist in the ordinary sense. Obviously they were built to connect the banks of the river Seine. But go-getting merchants quickly turned them into popular market stalls and residential areas. Presently it is hard to believe that modern-day pavements were formerly occupied with multi-storey houses.

And only the Pont Neuf became the first area reserved exclusively for pedestrians and traffic. Merchants had difficult times to digest the unfamiliar idea. While Parisian took delight in it. Thus, together with the original and comfortable carriage roads there also appeared picturesque promenades.


5 extremely interesting facts about Hôtel Regina in Paris

Hôtel Regina in Paris is an iconic 5-star hotel in the very heart of the French capital. Running along the famous rue de Rivoli the hotel faces two major attractions of the 1st arrondissement – the Louvre and the Tuileries Garden. Besides it overlooks the equestrian statue of probably the most famous woman in the history of France – Jeanne d’Arc in the Place des Pyramides. 

Hotel Regina, Paris Photo by: @may_bgram

In addition to such an impressive neighborhood there are some more striking details about this historic building.

  1. The present hotel occupies exactly the site of the royal stables adjacent to the former Louvre Palace since the 17th century.
  2. The hotel was named “Regina” to honor Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom. Under her rule there was signed the Entente Cordiale which actually ended the long-lasting disputes between two nations.
  3. The hotel was opened in 1900 especially for the 5th World’s Fair in Paris. The Fair summarized the achievements of the previous century and concentrated on the future progress.
  4. 1900s were the heyday of Belle Époque and Art Nouveau style. Thus, the hotel presents a real architectural and artistic pearl of its time.
  5. Due to its exquisite and well-preserved façade and décor the hotel is one of permanent places featured in dozens of movies made in Paris.

Where to find once in Paris: 2 Place des Pyramides, 1st arrondissement.

Image credit: @may_bgram / Instagram

Guess the most popular dog breeds in Paris

With a population of over 67 million people France counts about 7 million dogs. If we consider these figures in proportion it appears to be quite a striking fact. Because it turns out the majority of French families own a dog. Why?

Cute Little Lola Sunshine in Paris / @littlelolasunshine on Instagram

The first thing that comes into mind is the general fact that dog is not a pet, it’s a loyal and loving family member. Except from that, dogs often help to establish communication between people, like neighbours or even strangers in public places. While for some people dogs may become a part of their social image. Such thing usually happens with small breeds of dogs in big cities. So, let’s find out which dogs top the list of favorites in the French capital.

Even though, the most popular dog breed in France is the Shepherd (Belgian, German and Australian), Paris usually opts for a bit minor ones. Thus, little Chihuahua, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, French Bulldog and German Spitz can be found most often in the streets of the City of lights. Together with these cute baby-dogs you are very likely to meet Parisians strolling in the company of the Labradors and Golden Retrievers.

Anyway, like in every aspect of our lives it’s only up to you to decide which breed could be your favorite. It all depends on personal preferences, tastes and traits of character. Though, sometimes somebody’s choice helps you to make yours one correctly.

Free roses and flamenco… Paris celebrates Women’s Day

First conceived 110 years ago International Women’s Day is still preserved as an essential recall about women’s rights and achievements. It’s celebrated annually on the March 8th.

Women’s Day in Paris Photo by: Instagram

Paris keeps this tradition too and every year joins its worldwide celebration. This time the topic of Women’s Day calls for #PressforProgress. Thus, Parisian authorities decorated the Eiffel Tower with this strong and inciting message #MaintenantOnAgit. Lucky current visitors of Paris have the chance to bring home not only sparkling beauty of the Tower but also its inspiring spirit.

Today’s most interesting events in the City of Lights feature yearly presented roses to women in some Parisian cafes. This charming custom originated 11 years ago thanks to the French association Service en Tête who wanted to promote high quality level of service in cafes, bars and restaurants. On the Women’s Day every lady who attends one of the cafes participating in the program gets her rose as a sign of attention.

Among other fascinating free gifts Paris prepared free flamenco show in the biggest squash center Le Casa Padel in Saint-Denis commune (9 km from the heart of Paris). And one of the best views of the French capital from the Communion bar and terrace with free electro music night presented by 14 beautiful female DJs. Crazy Horse, the famous Montmartre cabaret doesn’t stay away and invites for the women’s show too.

This is only a small part of the big activities plan that has been unfolded in Paris all day long today. Enjoy this beautiful day!


The most beautiful snowfall in Paris since 1987

It’s been 30 years since the last time Paris saw such a wonderful snowy fairy tale. In only 24 hours there fell out about 12 cm of snow. Thus, Paris quickly turned the “wonder and magic of Narnia”. Everybody tried to make their best pictures to remember these pure moments of joy and marvel.

Snow in Paris / Photo by: @misteur_z Instagram

The Montmartre hill and its slopes became a perfect place for snow riders on skies and boards. There were made dozens of snowmen in all sizes, forms and decors. The funniest thing was to observe the happy faces of children playing snowballs and even happier faces of policemen who were partially involved in the process. Could only imagine this inner desire to feel yourself a light-hearted child whrn you are on duty and must keep to the most serious service,

Even though, frosty and snowy weather caused a lot of traffic jams and problems for pedestrians (even the Eiffel Tower was closed from Wednesday), this time will live long in the memory of present generations. Snow looks very good on Paris, isn’t it?

5 interesting facts about Pont Alexandre III you probably didn’t know

Considered as the most good-looking cross over the river Seine, the Pont Alexandre III is not only an eye-candy for the locals and visitors of Paris. This luxurious architectural construction has also so much to tell from its style and décor.

The Pont Alexandre III, Paris / Photo by @wonguy974

1. The Pont Alexandre III is the largest bridge in Paris. Its total length is 160 metres, width 40 metres.

2. At the same time the Pont Alexandre III is the lowest one in Paris because at the time of its construction it was decided that the bridge should not block the view on the Champs-Elysées avenue. The height of the arch at its central point is only 6,28 metres.

3. The first stone of the bridge was laid by Nicholas II (Tsar Alexandre’s III son) in October 1896. The Pont Alexandre III was officially inaugurated only in 1900 for the next Exposition Universelle.

4. The sumptuous architecture and decoration of the bridge are a wonderful example of the Beaux-Arts style and the Art Nouveau style.

5. Except from cherubs, nymphs and exquisite lanterns the bridge is also adorned with four giant pillars. Each 17-meters high socle carries a gilded Fame of Science and Art, Commerce and Industry.

Where to find: Pont Alexandre III, 75008 Paris, France

Image credit: @wonguy974 / Instagram

Rubik’s cake dessert

That is more than a dessert, that is a work of art. That is probably the most appropriate name for the Rubik’s cube by French pastry genius Cedric Grolet.

©️ Image credit: @cedricgrolet / Instagram

Cedric Grolet is pastry chef at the hotel Le Meurice, one of the most honoured palace hotels in Paris. His desserts are not only delicious but they are also incredibly eye-catching and mouthwatering. Rubik’s cube cake is a perfect example to back up these words.

The Rubik’s cube dessert is composed of 27 separate lacquered pieces. What is more, these small cubes provide variety of tasties such as cherry and tarragon, apricot and rosemary, chocolate and peanuts, strawberries and rucola, lemon and mint etc.

Every year the texture of this stunning dessert becomes even more refined and the range of flavors even more diverse.